Nightlife in Tampa, FL

Nightlife in Tampa FloridaAfter a long day from work, we all seem to look for places to blow off the steam, and what better way to do it than experience the Tampa nightlife? A lot people go to nightclubs and bars for various reasons, some people go to have drinks, while there are others who go to a club when the town’s most well-known DJ is playing. We all have our reasons. A few of my friends go to a club just to let loose and party the whole night like idiots, dancing off till they get sweaty. I mean, not everyone sits at home on a weekend baking cupcakes and watching movies right? Now the trick, is to find an ideal Tampa Nightlife where you can find those amazing cocktails, or the loud trendy music, or even that popular DJ.

In this article, I will share some of the fabulous nightclubs and bars where you can go to party and not regret a hangover in the morning. So let’s start:

5 Hot Nightlife Spots in Tampa, Florida

The Honey Pot

1507 E 7th Ave, Tampa

The Honey Pot is the top Gay-friendly bar in Tampa where one can dance off his mind on its massive dance floor. Ever heard of a drag show where males and females dress as the opposite gender? If you are a fan, then now you know where to go to. When it comes to alcohol, the Honey Pot serves a variety of cocktails and even has happy hour sessions. I mean, we all love paying one for two right?

The Castle

2004 N 16th St, Tampa

This is the place to be if you are young and wild(in the dressing sense) since it’s where you will find people dressed casual, to goth, to fetish. The Castle has live trendy music which seems to be a thing for the youngsters. So ya’ll youngsters can grab those amazing cocktails while dancing off to some pop music at the Castle!

Club Prana

1619 E 7th Ave, Tampa

Club Prana is a major tourist attraction due to the different genre of music, from pop to reggae on each different floor. Amazing right? Here, you can party with friends who have different tastes in music under one roof. Oh, did I mention that it has a rooftop bar? Isn’t this place like a dream come true where one can drink with the beautiful view of city lights?

The Hyde Park Café

1806 W Platt St, Tampa

The hood for the singles in the city, with its music surrounded by beautiful palm trees and free salsa lessons which may favor the singles to meet new people and get mingled, this is the place to be.

Club Skye

1509 E 8th Ave, Tampa

If hip-hop and reggae is your thing in your early twenties, then this is the place where you can spice your night-life up. While the club has an outdoor tiki bar, it also has VIP sections where one can enjoy the finest music from hip-hop DJs with a young crowd.

Having shared a few of the best night-clubs in Tampa, I hope this information helps you find an ideal club with the preferred night life. let the sun go down for the Tampa night-life to begin this weekend with the city’s finest cocktails and music. Be prepared to dance the night away this weekend with Tampa’s fabulous night clubs. Want to hire a limo service to take you to one of these clubs? Click here!